Specified Skilled Workers 

  1. Recruitment Agreement
  2. Employment Contract
  3. Written Employment Conditions POLO SSW Form No. 04-2019v1
  4. Manpower Request POLO SSW Form No. 01-2019v1
  5. Salary Breakdown POLO SSW Form No. 01A-2019v1
  6. Job Description, List of Duties/Criteria POLO SSW Form No. 01B-2019v1
  7. Company Profile POLO SSW Form No. 02-2019v1
  8. List of Filipinos hired by the Company POLO SSW Form No. 02A-2019v1
  9. Application Form Initial/Renewal of Accre. POLO SSW Form No. 06-2019v1-1
  10. Application Form for Additional Position POLO SSW Form No. 06A-2019v1
  11. List of Clients for Dispatch Company POLO SSW Form No. 03-2019v1 (1)
  12. Authorization Letter POLO SSW Form No. 05-2019v1


Technical Intern Training Program

  1. Technical Intern Offer POLO TITP Form No. 2018-01
  2. Certification POLO TITP Form No. 2018-01a
  3. Certification for Care Worker TITP Form No. 2018-01a
  4. Additional Technical Intern Offer POLO TITP Form No. 2018-03
  5. OTIT Reference Form 1-14
  6. Addendum to the Master Employment Contract POLO TITP Form No. 2018-02
  7. Addendum to the Employment Contract for TITP Care Worker Job Category


Professionals and Highly Skilled

  1. Agency Hire

2. Direct Hire


Direct Hire (Household Service Workers)

Household Service Workers for National Strategic Special Zones 

Overseas Performing Artists

Registration of Manning Agreement


Other POLO Forms

  1. Guide to Labor Documentation
  2. Recruitment Agreement
  3. Affidavit of Assumption of Responsibilities
  4. Affidavit of Assumption of Responsibilities – Dual
  5. Joint Affidavit of Undertaking
  6. Termination of Recruitment Agreement
  7. Revocation of Power of Attorney
  8. OWWA OFW Information Sheet
  9. Deployment List Prescribed Format